welcome to my life

21.CA. I like star wars and lord of the rings and gore and zombies and horror movies and andro girls and girly men and ginger guys. i like funny snapchats k bye. Snapchat:AnonAnnie insta: mischief.mayhem.steph

Can’t tell if horny or just have to pee

my baby love

my baby love

lets-have-some-lotus-flower asked: i looooove ur hairr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i have a pixie too but yours looks better 😫

Aren’t pixie so much fun?? OWN IT I bet it looks fab

labrynthinethings asked: your like , a total padawan ._.

thank you friend, soon Ill be a jedi. so long as I dont pull an anakin and join the dark side….

labrynthinethings asked: Do you have a favorite animal ?

yeah a LEVIATHAN. or puppies. or squirrels.